What Are the Forms of Government?


Different countries have a specific form of government. The government system that each of these countries has depends on their history as well as the culmination of cultures that have shaped the people, the country, and the environment. It is the form of government that the method and the procedures in which the country is being run by the people. The website visitors that we have come from different countries and we are sure that you have various perks and cons on the form of government that you have.

Forms of Government

The forms of government are further categorized into different topics. They are differentiated according to the power structure, the power source, the power ideology, the socio-political attributes, and other attributes.

Right now we will be focusing on the forms of government based on the power source. These are the three popular forms of government that we know- democracy, autocracy, and oligarchy.


democracyDemocracy means the rule by the people. The power of the government lies in the power of the people. This is mostly characterized by the power of the people to vote on specific categories like the person who will lead the country. These leaders or public officials are the representatives of the people in the decisions that will shape the country to the direction that it will go.

Democracy is sometimes known as the rule of the majority. This means that the decision of the majority of the people will prevail no matter what. All the conflicts in the country are decided mostly by the representatives in the government.


This is the complete opposite of democracy. The leader of the country is one person alone. But even if only one person is leading the country, he still has limitations based on the laws created in the constitution. If he goes over the authority that he is given, he can be removed from office. Dictators are an example of autocratic leadership.



Oligarchy is the balance between democracy and autocracy. It means the rule of the few. The power of the government lies in a few people only. They may be distinguished by nobility or wealth of these people. It is much like giving voucher codes and promo codes to a chosen group of people.