Iran, or officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country that is located in Asia. It is home to more than 82 million people, garnering the reputation of being the 18th most populated countries in the world. It is one of the oldest nations in the world. Formerly known as Persia, Iran has been taking a huge portion of our history books for the longest time. The country of Persia had a hand in the destruction of one of the biggest civilizations of its time- Babylon. No voucher codes or promo codes could have saved Babylon from the great minds and leaders of Persia.

Iran has had huge successes in history but it also had its fair share of pitfalls and failures. Even then, Iran continues to stand up and be the best version of itself as time and as God designed it to be. Iran will be fighting until the end to preserve the culture, protect the country, and care for the people.

Government System

If you hear about Iran in the news in the past decades, you would understand why people are clamoring for a democratic initiative for the country. It is because of the nuclear tests and the making of the nuclear bombs that has made Iran the country that was always mentioned in the headlines of the news. But ever since Iran has made an arrangement and agreement with other countries about the creation of nuclear bombs, the limelight has quite rescinded throughout the years. But as natives of this beloved country, people are still fighting for democracy and human rights. Much like the Dutch want to go on Amsterdam holidays or choose to have Amsterdam city trips, Iranians also want to experience true democracy in the country.

Theocracy in the System

Ever since the establishment of the constitution in 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran has had a theocratic constitution. What does this mean? It means that the country is ruled by priests or by a religious leader in the name of Allah. This position is the Supreme Leader of the country. The powers of the Supreme Leader is vast compared to the President of Iran because the latter is only in charge of the headship of the government. But the Supreme Leader encompasses everything that Iran has and will be. This makes it very difficult for a democracy to be seen in Iran.


Ten years after the establishment of the constitution, it was amended to become a combination of democracy and theocracy. The structure of government is still the same, though. Iran has a Supreme Leader, Executive, Legislature, and the Judiciary. Our website visitors will find it quite amusing to see that the amount of change was not very significant even if the constitution was amended. Human rights were still being violated. But we still have to celebrate small wins. Reformists and Moderates are now taking seats in the Assembly. And a win for Hassan Rouhani is great news for Iranians.

But we are still pushing for a better form of democracy for Iran. We started this Democratic Initiative with the goal of giving the right level of freedom for the people of Iran.