About Us

We are an online information site that gives news, feature stories, tech blogs, and other articles about Iran. We are not in any way opposing the current government of Iran. But we understand that democracy is important for Iran to prosper and flourish. Iran has been under the same type of government for more than forty years. And what we found out is that no voucher codes can ever alleviate the problems that Iran is facing today. We are here to help Iran in getting the problem out of their country to the people around the world.

Who We Are

We are a group of people wanting to make a difference in the world. And we are starting in Iran, our home country. We may not be all Iranians by blood, but we are all united in one endeavor. This advocacy is to give democracy back to the people who need it. Democracy is not just a matter of choice for the citizens of Iran. This is an initiative that despite the sovereignty of God, people can still do what they want. No government should ever oppress nor suppress the rights and privileges of its people.

We Offer

You can find lots of good and high-quality articles on our website. Our research team gets the heads up whenever a particular event is happening in Iran. We are always the first to arrive and the last one to go. We want to document every detail that Iran pursues and undertakes.