How to Promote Democracy?

If you are fighting for the rights of the people and the country, in general, one of the ways to do this is to choose democracy as your form of government. But this is not an instant matter and an instant decision for the whole country. For one, if the country has always been under one form of government for the longest time, you cannot force the people to choose and try another one just for the sake of it. Although democracy is quite enticing for most people because it literally means bring the rule of the country to the people, it is still scary to think that you will change your whole mindset as well as your way of making decisions by converting the form of government to democracy.


Democratic Initiative

One way to promote democracy in your country is to build a website that caters to this advocacy. Start small with the website and get cheap website traffic to increase your website visitors. Make sure that you are growing organically as a website so that, eventually, you will be recognized as an authority website. Gather a group of people that shares the same advocacy that you have and then build from that foundation. Create campaigns and push for more laws that are linked to democratic rules and regulations. Make sure that you have a plan on your initiative so that you will not lose direction for your team and for the initiative itself.

Gradual Reformism

changeCompared to civil war, gradual reformism is a safer and more peaceful way of promoting democracy in the country. The people will take this path of democracy promotion if the head of leadership is also willing to participate in the transition from one form of government to another. Gradual reformism is chosen as a method of democratic promotion so that the country can maintain its stability. No chaos, ideally, will be experienced by the officials nor the citizens of the country.

Gradual reformism can be a success depending on the civic society organization’s participation in it. They are the ones who will disseminate useful information to the citizens of the country.